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november writing challenge | day 16 | with me


“Other than your clothes, what is with you the majority of the day?”

Nothing particularly exciting I’m afraid!  I’m pretty much surgically attached to my phone and iPod as they’re always in my pocket; I like to be available if someone wants to contacts me. 😛  Sounds weirdly sad to always want a connection to the outside world, but I don’t obsessively use either, I just like to know they’re with me.  Feel kind of lost without.  My glasses are almost always on my head or fairly close to me too.  During exam season I kinda developed a nervous twitch of tapping my blazer pocket to check they were there; I’m so paranoid about forgetting them, even though I don’t wear glasses quite full time.  My brain functions 10x better as my bespectacled self, they have psychological benefits too you see!  And if we’re talking ‘what’s in my bag’ style, always a comb and a lipstick (or several!).  Fringe gals will know what I mean: the comb is a absolute necessity!  Gappy fringe is just the worst.  I’m all for embracing au naturel, but a bit of colour by way of lipstick does make me feel a little brighter during my day!

Hope everyone’s had a lovely weekend!  I’ve had a fab day today.  Everything feels kind of go-go-go at the minute, but I’m feeling good! Yay for being in a good mood. 😀

lily kate x
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