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A Train of Thought (Literally) | Life Lately

Long time no chitchat post!  I started scribbling notes for a catchup post yesterday, whilst on a train, looking out the window, with slightly dramatic music in my headphones in and feeling a *bit* like I was in a cheap movie scene or something.  One where the train was ram-jam-packed with fools with the same idea to go shopping on a Friday afternoon before Christmas, which doesn’t exactly sound like the best plot.  And I was ‘that person’ who sat in a reserved seat in the hope that nobody kicked me out because there were about 3 square inches of standing space going free.  So yeah, setting the scene!

I can guarantee zero note making will happen on the way home, as anyone who’s had the pleasure of taking a Friday evening train home from Manchester before Christmas will know all too well.  The joys.

This reminded me of when I used to write tons of notes on my trains home from London last year, just about observations on life and the people around me.  This one about a conversation with a stranger who left saying ‘nice to meet you, have a nice life‘ springs to mind.


It feels like ages since I’ve written anything like that, and to be honest I kinda miss the brain dumps!  Blog posts have been more focused on travel or an actual ‘topic’ of some kind lately, which is good because I wanted my content to have more of a ‘point’ and be less waffly this year, so I think I’ve achieved that(ish).  Only so much aimless drivel one corner of the internet can handle.  But then again I do like a good waffle every now and then, so here we are.  Random thoughts on life as of late, probably making zero sense, written on a train and typed up on a casual Saturday morning.  So this is basically a transcript of my brain.  To those who may possibly care, enjoy!


— For starters, people are looking at me funny for writing like I’m holding a crystal ball or something, not pen and paper.  Pretty much everybody else is just scrolling on their phones with headphones in – I have the headphones too but my method of entertainment is somewhat more old school!  #Granny. I really hope all public transport doesn’t go the way of the London underground with ‘no eye contact, no speaking’ etiquette because the only word for that is miserable.  Ugh.

— Cabin fever is weird.  The at home kind of cabin fever that is – not some kind of odd disease picked up in train carriages don’t worry.  But yes, it’s odd.  Sometimes I’m glad for the days where I don’t have to go out (read: when it’s raining and I can get away with not leaving the house wahey) but sometimes too many days at home drives me ever so slightly mad and I feel like shouting ‘I’m a celebrity average person get me out of here!!!’.  Usually going for a run does the trick.  Price you pay for the flexibility I guess!

— The reflective end of year feels are kicking in already.  Holy crap January feels like a long time ago.

— To be honest I can’t actually remember what resolutions I made for this year (if I even made any… possibly not) but I do remember that one of my main goals blog-wise this year had been to go abroad on some kind of blog-related trip.  I’m soooo happy to say that I can tick that one off.  I’ve had some incredible experiences outside the UK in 2016 (insert cheeky plug of the travel section of my blog right hereso that’s a main goal achieved and it’s nice to know hard work pays off!  Not sure what my 2017 goals should be yet though so I think I’ll do a separate post soon-ish. What an original one that’ll be.

— I think I probably will jump on the new year fitness bandwagon too.  I’m still working out because it’s habit and I can’t imagine not factoring gym time into my week, but it’s exactly that: a habit.  I need some kind of goal or focus to push me in the year rather than just cruising and maintaining (maintaining the mince pie / cardio balance that is).

— I’m feeling more Christmassy now even if it is weirdly warm.  I don’t know if it feels exaggeratedly so because Estonia was so cold (Estonians/proper cold weather people please don’t laugh at me) but I’m pretty sure December usually requires more hats and gloves than this!  Where’s the crisp chill at huh?  I Christmass-ified the house the other day in one go so it’s nice and festive all over now, because – once I get started on a big clear out/decorating/whatever I keep going for hours or it bugs me.  My bedroom can be what you’d call A Total Mess for days and it won’t bother me, but as soon I’ve decided I’m in a tidying mood (read: when there’s probably something more important I should be doing) it must be spic and span before I can stop.  What am I.

— Lately I’ve been trying to deliberately not rush myself and add a stupid amount of things to the to-do list, hence the lack of YouTube videos from either Hamburg or Tallinn weeks later!  Oops.  I had a decent amount of uni work to catch up on after buggering off on mini breaks around Europe 3 times in a month, so I decided to keep that my priority and not rush other stuff.  Some superwomen seem to be able to work 3 full time jobs and put a daily vlog up on the side, but sadly I ain’t one of them!  I’m not stressing myself out for the sake of it and am taking time to enjoy seeing people, going to the gym, chilling in the bath… etc. etc. etc.  OK so I might have spent a late night or two getting cosy with my pal Adobe Premiere but like I said, once I get my teeth into something I’m stuck!

— Although I’ve always been a morning person and didn’t want to let that slide when I didn’t have a fixed schedule, I’ve kinda slipped into later nights and later mornings (by that I mean 7:30/8am, which is superrr late for me) lately and that. not. good.  So I’m trying to reset my body clock to be asleep by midnight and awake around 6:30, which should do me fine.  8 hours sleep is never gonna happen for me, it doesn’t for my mum or dad either!

— Basically I feel like I constantly flick between ‘don’t be too hard on yourself’ and ‘come on Lily you can do better at life than this’ about 50 times per day at the minute.  Please tell me I’m not the only one!  I really am my own worst enemy.


*Could have continued rambling but Oxford Road station seemed to appear pretty quickly so off I popped*

If you’ve made it through my rambly life updates to the end, please tell me yours!

lily kate x

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    18th December 2016 at 4:44 pm

    Yep, completely identify with that last point – you’re definitely not alone!! I try not to put the blog on my to do list at all as it’s definitely a hobby rather than a project or career for me but then I think about all the cute Christmassy trips I’ve done lately and all the pictures that will be redundant after next weekend and that makes me sad so I think I’ll be trying to catch up this week haha! Definitely getting cabin fever too, most of my office mates have gone home for Christmas and it’s JUST SO QUIET. Oh well. Christmas soon 😀 xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

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