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We all have girl crushes don’t we?  Those we fangirl just that little bit more than everyone else we scroll through on Instagram?  Just a little bit, who am I kidding.  Stalk is probably a better word than fangirl.  Thought I’d share a few of my absolute favourites on the blog to share a little love this Monday morning!  Some of these have been my girl crushes for years (literally) and some are my new stalkees. They’re all beautiful, YES, but all with plenty other special stuff going on too, hence why they’re my faves.


Fifi Newberry – I’ll admit that I only stumbled across Fifi lately but I’ve become a devoted follower already!  She’s clearly so naturally beautiful and works the camera so bloody well (she’s a model), and has lots of wise words to share on confidence, mental health, fitness etc. too.  I love her relaxed yet cheerful vibes.  You know those blogs that you read one post, then fall into the rabbit hole of ‘You may also like’, and only surface again an hour later?  Yep.  Ever so slightly addictive this blog.



Audrey Leighton – do I get stalker points for listing someone in one of my ‘faves‘ posts twice?  Her blog / Instagram, etc. is so very slick and curated but so, so honest.  Including sharing the effort it takes to create such a good blog and Instagram.  Her writing style is so recognisable, and I love that.  Love it when reading somebody’s blog feels like you’re reading their actual thoughts – be it thoughts on men, fashion, menstrual bloating, fitness, blogging, whatever.  Never feels like you’ll be bored, because Audrey’s blog is so much more than just a ‘fashion blog’, or a travel blog, or a fitness blog.  You’ll open a post with beautiful fashion photography and have no idea what you’re going to read, and that’s great.


Jessica Stein – I’m amongst 2.1 million others girlcrushing on Tuula Vintage so I highly doubt this girl’s account is news to you!  Probably my favourite travel account EVER.  Not sure there’s anywhere she hasn’t been that I don’t want to go!  So yeah, Jessica’s an ultimate girl crush for obvious reasons.



Georgia Rose Hardy – OK so I am obsessed with Rosie’s photography – both her stunning shots of others and self portraits creative like I’ve never seen before.  Her edits are so clever.  One heck of a talent to piece together the realistic and the surreal so well.  For a girl whose self portraits so far encompass mirror shots and arms-length selfies, I’m seriously impressed by Rosie’s ability to photograph herself so candidly and artfully!  Oh and the hair.  I want the hair too.

lily kate x

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    16th February 2016 at 12:53 pm

    Thanks for sharing these! More people to add to the regular stalk list… 😉
    Sophie x

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