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My 10 Favourite Instagram Accounts | Who I’m Loving on The ‘Gram

I’ve slated Instagram’s algorithm hoo ha on here lots, but I’m still hopelessly addicted to it (aren’t we all?).  So today, instead of ranting like I seem all too fond of lately, I thought I’d share some insta love and shoutout some of my absolute fave accounts.  There’s a selection here of big and small, niche and random, travel, fitness, funnies, bit of everything – there’s no set criteria for making it onto Lily’s Favourite List (big achievement that) because my taste’s so varied.  So here’s a selection of accounts I’ve been a lovin’ for one reason or another, which is often about the captions as much as the actual photos.  Without further ado, let me provide you with an hours Insta stalking materials!


Couldn’t not mention Bee could I!  I love that her style is so recognisable and different – I’d always be able to tell a photo was hers without even seeing the name and I think that’s really valuable.  But not only does she curate a fab cosy-yet-fun-yet-moody account, Bee’s super supportive and friendly too and an all round good egg that you should go show some love.


If Sabina’s account doesn’t make you want to hop on a plane in 2 minutes and explore every nook and cranny of Europe then I don’t know what will.  Some seriously stunning shots on there!   Her photos from Eltz Castle and Cappadocia are probably my favourites and I’m sure you won’t struggle to see why.  Like I said though it’s often the captions that stand out for me, and Sabina’s always informative/throughtful/relatable/engaging/personal.  Which I likey very much.  In case the pretty pictures weren’t enough, y’know.

Natalie Wall

I crown Natalie queen of the peaceful nature pic, witty caption and long hair.  She’s a fellow science gal but of the medical student variety and her descriptions of life as such vary from poignant to shocking to funny (told you she’s a caption queen).  Let’s not forget these insane camera and editing skillz going on either – I can only hope to take photos this stunning one day!

Katie Harriet

I just love Katie’s fashion taste and photos and relatable captions and can 100% see her zooming into blogger stardom any day now.  She has frickin amazing hair and a shoe collection I’m rather envious of.  Definitely one you should go follow!

Sophie Cliff

I think ‘lovely’ would be the best way to describe Sophie!  Her photos are as lovely as she is and girl has a knack for putting them together in a hella pretty way.

Rebecca Iris

How anyone can have such talent to make doors and windows and grey skies so damn photogenic is beyond me.  Bex’s photography – composition, editing and everything – always stand out to me and I love occasionally spotting places I recognise around Lancaster and the area too.  Yay for pretty doors and buildings!

Mother of Daughters / Father of daughters

If you haven’t heard of these two, which particular rock have you been hiding under?  Their accounts are under a year old (I think) and already have hundreds of thousands of followers.  Because they’re bloody brilliant, in short.  The fact that they’re beyond down to Earth (nothing seems TMI) makes everything hilarious and the twins’ expressions are so fabulously comical too.  Go follow for a giggle!

The Topless Tour

Basically I just think this account is fabulous and never fails to make me want to climb a mountain and throw my arms in the air and throw my top off.  Although I imagine some of these girls were quite literally freezing their tits off at the time.  The whole vibe of this page is just so unapologetic and carefree, but makes a point of celebrating the outdoors too, which I love. I don’t follow too many collaborative accounts and tend to prefer personal ones, but here lies an exception!

Whitney Simmons

The majority of what I know about fitness comes from PTs in the gym, fit tips on the internet and playing around in the gym myself with what does and doesn’t work.  And I’ll be the first to admit that Instagram is a good place to learn!  Not everyone’s a qualified PT on there obviously but I love seeing what other girls are doing in the gym to try out new moves myself.  What I love about Whitney’s Insta and YouTube is that she suggests different exercises to the standard ones I’ve seen before – everyone knows squats are good for leg day but Whitney shows different variations and other exercises that get your booty working too.  Oh and on YouTube she actually writes out the workouts in the description box so you can screenshot – very helpful!

Karina Elle

Hello new girl crush.  Nothing like happening upon a pic of OMG THOSE ABS on your morning scroll through the ‘gram for a kick of workout motivation.  Or in this case omg those abs and omg those arms and omg those legs.  Damn Karina’s body is motivation.  Obviously there are a hell of a lot of ‘instagram fit girls’ posting workouts and gym selfies and the like, but the reason Karina’s account is one of my personal favourites is because from what I can see, she has a pretty similar body shape to me (tall with a long torso), just a hell of a lot more toned.  Loads of the girls with these fitness accounts have absolutely banging bodies but I’ve noticed a good proportion of them are really petite, which obviously means completely different proportions to me.  So coming across someone with essentially ‘my body if I put my mind to it, hit the gym even harder and leaned out’ is a great personal motivator and reason why Karina Elle is one of my faves.

And for a bonus no.11 I’m gonna be cheeky and include my own new account for a bit of shameless self promo. 😀 I’ve mentioned on here several times about getting behind the camera more lately, and I’m really happy to finally share some of the portraits I’ve taken over the last few months!  It’s obviously only in fledgling stages but I’ve really been enjoying capturing happy moments like this and can’t wait to take more.  For now I just have a Lily France Photography Instagram account and no website yet, but if you’re around Lancashire, like my photography style, and would like a shoot with yourself or your loved ones then feel free to drop me a line.  My email’s below or you can use the form on my contact page. 🙂

Link me your favourite accounts to follow!

lily kate x

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    2nd February 2017 at 2:29 pm

    I don’t post much on Instagram but I do love looking at everyone else’s photos 🙂 x

  • Reply
    2nd February 2017 at 6:44 pm

    Ooh I love posts like these, even if they do send me down a rabbit hole into Instagramland for at least 2 hours after! The topless tours one is HILARIOUS. I might start doing that! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    • Reply
      Lily Kate France
      3rd February 2017 at 9:21 am

      Haha hope you had fun down the Insta rabbit hole! It’s fabulous isn’t it? I’m definitely gonna do it if I’m up a suitable mountain haha!

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